Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Pen That Kills Germs? No Kidding!

This pens may look like any ordinary click pen but with their anti-bacterial properties they resist bacteria, fungus and other unwanted microbes. Made in the USA with silver ion technology, they are nice and wide with soft comfort grip.

A no brainer for health care promotions, they can also be very good for events in the hospitality, schools and seniors sectors as well as a good vehicle for campaigns where you want to tie to the concept of clean, germ free or protection.

For ideas on how to use it to to suit your promotional needs, call 954-636-1685

Friday, November 20, 2009

A calendar that turns into a plant

Made out of 100% recycled and seeded paper, using only soy-based, water-based inks and organic pigments is a perfect solution for any company to convey their commitment to contribute to the environment protection.

The impact from this unique promotional gift is outstanding. There are other paper products available made with this kind of paper, such as greeting cards, envelopes, book marks, etc.

For more info call 954-636-1685

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Towels

Made of organically grown bamboo, the Go-Towel is a fun biodegradable gift. Simply moisten the compressed disk and it expands into a 14" x 21" wonderful towel, soft and comfortable to the touch. These towels are absorbent, lint-free, durable and best of all, inexpensive. These towels are not bleached, dyed, or scented. Great choice for promoting exercise, fundraising walks and other outdoor type events.

Music To Their Ears

This credit card size music download card offers the choice of 3 million + songs for download to iPod/MP3 Players, which are set up to be accessed through your site. Besides encouraging traffic to your website, you can also use them to do a survey, where a form pops up which they need to fill out before being able to go to the download. Features: 4-color, fully customized card, link from your Website to the music downloads, and optional data capture (survey). Perfect for job fairs, Universities.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The 60 Second Workout

If your audience spends 8 hours sitting at a desk (who doesn't..?), here is a sure way to keep top-of-mind while generating tons of good will. This ruler size plastic strips are brightly printed in full color, showing a series of stretches to relieve stress, that can be completed in 1 minute , preventing injuries related to desk-stress. They are available in several combinations of 2 series of exercises, one on each side, and are physical therapists approved. At a price of $1.27 for 250 qty., unique and useful, they make an excellent business card replacement at networking meetings, marketing events giveaways and leave behinds.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't Burn Out

With Summer in full force, especially here in South Florida, this is an advertising medium that will keep you top of mind by enhancing your goodwill and thoughtfulness towards your customers, prospects and employees. Sunscreens come in all price points and presentations, most are 15 SPF but higher strengths are also available. Choose between foams, sprays and bars that allow you to spread them without having to use their hands, containers with a carabineer you can hook onto golf or beach bags, envelopes you can give out at outdoor events, etc. An obvious tie in for health related business, also excellent for any business that offers protection products, such as insurance and financial businesses.

Take a look at a selection of outdoor products here >>

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green and Floppy Journals

This floppy disk journal is sure to be a conversation piece, with your name right in the middle of it (the conversation too). They are handmade made in the USA from recycled, vintage 3.5", 5.25"and 8" floppy disks from the 70s and 80s. The front cover is a mechanically-recycled floppy disk, that is either used or old stock, the back cover is a piece of chipboard that contains recycled material and the sheets inside are made out of paper that is 30% post consumer waste.

For those who want to go green all the way, sheets also available 100% PCW, Chlorine Free and FSC certified.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Logo Toasted To Perfection

If you're looking to make a big impact and have some time for planning, here is a hot one: your logo popping up on a toast! This toaster comes with 7 browning settings, with re-heat and defrost functions besides toasting. This product requires planning ahead, since the logo is customized at the manufacturing plant overseas, it takes much longer than the usual 7 - 10 day lead time.

Some suggested uses:

· Employee recognition

· Holiday gift for special customers

· Gift with purchase promotions